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An opportunity to discuss your entire medical history

Review status of Health Maintenance exams (ex: pap smear, colonoscopy, bone density, prostate cancer screening)

Discussion of healthy behaviors and lifestyle

Full examination of your body

Coordination of testing related to preventive health 

An annual wellness does not usually include ordering diagnostic tests, evaluation and treatment of new concerns or acute conditions, a chronic condition that is worsening, changes in treatment, or any procedures outside of your annual physical exam.  

Services above the scope of an annual exam may be provided in the same visit if time permits, but it can result in additional co-payments and/or out of pocket expenses> 

Your mental health is important because it is a part of   your overall health.  Poor mental health can cause and/or contribute to poor physical health.  Often mental health issues are not addressed due to stigma, or unrealistic expectations.  These can be unrealistic expectations that we place on ourselves, those of society, or other external factors. At Grace Internal Medicine, we will provide a safe space to address mental health issues because having a healthy mind is just as important has having a healthy body.


Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

Weight Management Program

At your initial visit, you will receive a physical examination, ECG, and lab work.  After discussing your weight loss goals, we will create an individualized nutrition plan.  Each month you will meet with Dr. Faison to discuss your progress and to determine what, if any changes need to be made to your plan.

Our Weight Management program will not prescribe a particular “diet.”  As there are no two individuals alike, no two weight loss journeys will be exactly alike.  Your personal preferences and lifestyle will be taken into account in recommending a nutrition program that is right for you.  “Dieting” will be a thing of the past.   Our goal is to teach you how to manage your nutrition, and as a result manage your weight in a way that is sustainable long-term.   Therefore, you will never again feel that you are on “a diet.”

What is Telehealth?  Telehealth, also known as telemedicine, allows your physician to care for you without an in-person office visit.  It can be done with internet access on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  Co-pays do apply and payment is required at the start of the visit. 

Certain chronic conditions that need follow-up.  In addition, some acute illnesses may be addressed using telehealth.

When you call in to make an appointment,  let the receptionist know that you would like to have a telehealth appointment.  You will be asked questions regarding your symptoms and the nature of your visit.

A patient portal gives patients secure online access to personal health information using an internet connection 24/7.  

Your personal health information such as lab results, and diagnoses can be quickly accessed at any time using a username and password.